Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sex and the single woman...

What is it about sex and the single woman that seems so appealing? maybe the fact that they always have some high filuting party, at least 1 or 2 gallery openings , or have at least scored backstage passes to the concert of the year! let's face it, they live the life we dream of
The fact they are single and free and over 21 makes them more sensual, fun and oh so available, but what makes them the date you want is there creative thinking!
When at a party with the sensual woman, notice how they flaunt themselves at the most gorgeous, appealing, aspiring , men! the kind that would put Gregory Peck or George Clooney to shame! (Usually with sex to follow).
These women wink, shake their hips, and wiggle their finger, and most men that are standing and talking, will drop a friend of years, hoping for the best and following those hips right out the door! each person having the own idea of what this night might bring!
This being the race to the top of the sexual grapevine, and who can get there first, and who will avail as the winner of the evening is the usual question.
Now and then, it can be both! And what an amazing theory..the very thought of joining such an exciting group of singles, just gets your juices boiling!
Being single makes you're imagination run wild, makes people do things they'd never even think of, at any other time, watch out! it let's the rest of the world, that aren't a part, sit back, and remember happy memories of years past! it's like florida at spring break. nothing could be better... and that my single friends, is just the start.
so hitch yourselves to one of those beautiful men or women and dance your way down the aisles. Prove to yourself you belong in this elite group Of people!

Camille L. Matthews(c)

Of At any other time... watch out! it lets the rest of the world, that aren't a part, hey back and remember happy memories

Being single somehow makes your I
magination run wild, makes people do things they'd never even think

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