Friday, January 20, 2012

in a world of Saks, Prada, Gucci, &Cartier, is there such a thing as love at first sight?

The moment you were born and a pink bow was put in your hair, there was something special
about being a girl.
On the days you were around other girls, who also liked fashion, you tended to dream, and draw, and look in magazines and watch fashion shows and look at only the best and most beautiful things this world had to offer.
When looking at dresses- you think of Chanel, - especially the "little black dress". Also, you dreamed of having, at least 1 oz. of their perfume! When thinking of other clothes, you think of Saks, Prada, Gucci, Bloomingdales, And designers like Ralph Loren. Zac Posen, and Valentino.
When thinking of jewelry, you think of the line, Cartier, Lane,Tiffany's. When thinking of perfume, You think of Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio Armani, and Dior.
When thinking of shoes. you think of Jimmy Choo's, Juice Couture, Via Spiga, Michael Kors, and Christian Dior, and let's face it, no girl is complete without a pair of Loubitan's!
Every young girl,to movie star or business woman somewhere down the line have same tastes on some of these things. and let's face it... we all go to the same fashion shows!!!
When you look at all this, it makes you wonder... is there room in this fabulous world for love
at first sight? no I'm not talking love at first sight add a pair of Loubitan's, Or a ring from Tiffany's, or Cartier's, I mean the real thing... between guy and gal with heart wrenching music, sappy words and comedic love. all of which combined seem to make a perfectly happy couple.
You know the dream, where a guy grabs the biggest most beautiful boquet of flowers you've ever anything just have that special moment, to be able to laugh, and to see the sparks fly and sparkle
in his eye... it's like watching a disney commercial except kissing in real life and the fireworks go off. WOW!! Your leg goes up like in the movies, and every color of the rainbow appears.
You know in the world of models And fortune 500 They are taught to keep their noses in the air, and their weight down, and only visit with people their agents introduce them to.
it's up/ down staircase between 2 worlds and some want fantasy/ reality. if you can make it that's great, but it doesn't mean you'll necessarily be be happy.
There are a lot of famous people, a lot of money, and nice clothes and nice parties, and nice jewels, but sometimes loneliness accompany them.
You have to find a happy medium Where the perfect guy is love at first sight, and very rarely does that ever come along. when it does... grab it with both hands and hang on for the ride, through the clouds and over the hills and into the waiting arms of each other!
How many days do you sit at work, or maybe on a day off go to the spa, and while having a massage you dream of running to the daisies, while looking for the man of your dreams.
Suddenly, There on a white horse, Is this man! he dismounts, and you both walk towards the most beautiful waterfall you have ever seen!
Why do they have to be dreams? there are actually some good guys out there! why not try to find that wonderful guy for yourself?! it doesn't have to be impossible... it just seems that way!
The next morning as I went to work I decided, - okay- you are right- it's not impossible! There are good guys out there. So I went on my way looking throughout my day. each guy that came by
Have no idea That he was being looked at that way.
If one day was boring, imagine how 2 or 3 or 4 could be! I could tell this was just not going to be as much fun as when I was younger!!
Whent we were kids, we had a date with the snap of our fingers! Or maybe it just seems that way now... things sure do change!
Have you ever dreamed of the perfect holiday? the kind where you were snuggled up in front of the fire, with the perfect guy, and the perfect family with tons to be thankful for? perfect decorations, perfect food, happy family and jokes, and hugs, and sharing your life's over the last year. Now let's face it... no family is perfect, but it would be nice!
Does it ever seem like your family is living a lot easier then you are?! the grass is always
greener in someone else's backyard! none of that we're alike, other then we all tend to like the
same things Once in awhile. Some live in other countries, some are in the military, some are movie stars, or in the entertainment business, and others live ordinary lifes. the one thing we all have in common is we all want to be loved. we all want that special someone that make our lives like a roller coaster, and then turn it upside down and tame.
We look for someone That we can be comfortable with, not just tremendously happy!

Camille L. Mathews(c)

noses in the air and their weight dow
Seen, atnd he shows up spontaneously on the chance of the carriage ride or a picnic in the park
you know the dream, where a guy grabbed the biggest

hsappy words and to meet the club

heartwrenching music

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