Thursday, December 22, 2011

Daddy's little girl

Every little girl from the time they are born becomes a real daddy's girl. She learns to wrap her daddy around her little finger and from day one stares up at him with a sparkle in her eyes, that could only be matched by love.
Little girls follow their daddy's around, laugh at their jokes, go on daddy daughter dates, work in the yard together, watch movies together, and have late night talks.
Little girls are the only one that could get their dad to shop for a dress and say it's pretty, go on dates, and have their dads give the guy the third degree,
then waits up until their daughters home. later when their little girls get married, the heart sinks, and a tear drops, and they turn as the realize, they are now going to share this beautiful little girl with another man.
A daddy sometimes fixes everything and is a huge buffer zone no matter how big the mess, and always tell you you're his little girl, no matter how big you are.
The Saddest part, is when he dies and is no longer there to hold your hand and tell you it will be okay. you miss him even more than you ever thought you could. You cherish every memory, every song, every saying, and every joke.
Sometimes you wake up crying in the middle of the night, because you miss him so bad. you thank the lord for all the happy years you had and for giving you the greatest dad in the world. you find yourself doing things you did together just so you can keep his spirit around and
Alive. Thanks heaven for little girls and daddy's!

Camille L. Matthews

In Memory of my own father: Robert J. Matthews

ord For all the happy years you had and for giving you the greatest dad in the world. You

Find yourself doing things you did together just so you can keep he his spirit around and a live

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yiddish laughs for all

Happy first day of Hannukah friends, and readers, and happy holidays to all!
I decided to make today's article about some of my favorite Jewish or Yiddish words.
1) Bashert- Meaning naked without each other, or meant to be.
2) Mashuganah- Crazy person, its obviously fun to play with this word.
3) Nuchslep- Curiosity or pathetic loser.
4) Yutz/Putz- most people know the meaning of these two words, it's a bit crass, but its like buthead but worse.
5)Shiksa- a women no one likes, a real witch!
6) Goyisha- Nation
7) Goyim- house of nations.
8) Vey iz mir- woe is me
9) Oy vey- exclamation of dismay, or pain..Oh no"
10) Yenta- busybody
11) Schlep- to drag unwillingly
12) Shlemiel- a clumsy inept person, similar of a klutz.
13) Shlimazel- Someone with constant bad luck
14) Schmooze- chat or small talk
15) Shmaltzy-excessivley gushing, flattering, or charming .
16) Schlock- cheap, shoddy

As You can see this is a fine group of words, I truly hope you enjoy playing with them !


Camille Matthews


Monday, December 19, 2011

How can you be graceful after a bad breakup?

How can you trick your mind into being graceful,after a terribly hard to break up? It doesn't have to be as hard as you think! if you look in the mirror each morning, and tell yourself what a terrific person you are , then go about your day before you know it you'll have gone on with life and on to the next guy!
Let's face it, girl's do have a preconceived notion of what love should be, and when their disappointed, ( which can happen quite frequently to some,) they lose all faith in the Cinderella story, they take anti depressant for a weeks at a time, and they watch every love story known to man from Fred Astaire, and Ginger Rogers, to P.S. I love you.
Sometime watching movies, eating comfort food, and crying to beautiful music, convinces us that real love is still out there, and give us the courage we need, to get back on the horse and ride out into the sunset, and make fools of ourselves yet once again.
life never came with any guarantees, and until we realize that, well life will revolve in The same spiraling circle. it won't necessarily get any better, but if you don't mind living your life like it was out of the romance novel, then you have it made!
Again, I believe in making your mind
know what you want, going after it an d not wasting time on what has already happened! the quicker The better!!
Personally I could be happy knowing that whether I had gone through a break up or not
Page from my book, get dressed up,put the comfort food aside, go dancing and find your
own perfect Fred Astaire and Gerard Butler! Show the world what they're missing And remind yourself At the same time what you're missing

Camille Matthews

that you realize that there are many Fred Astaire's, and Gerard Butlers, out around the corner the
a Gadget
better! knowing that wether I have gone to a break up or not
Italy I could be happy

Through the eyes of a child

Stores filled with presents and ornaments a glow,
People Walking to and fro,
Cars driving fast to pick up their trees,
and carolers going to houses singing with glee.

Toys of all sorts, and windows all a glitter,
families laughing as they buy their Christmas together.
Jumping on trolleys and jumping over stones,
No one noticing a child alone.

A Child thats lonely and only wants love,
And would give anything for a family instead
of toys like above,
A child whose eyes are swimming with tears,
And arms aching to be held to calm all his fears.

A child who's Christmas, isn't toys, trees, and laughter,
But loneliness, tears, and things that don't matter.
A child who is protected by God and by angels above,
And who knows no other type of love.

Camille Matthews