Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Cinderella Complex

As a little girl, when your mother read Cinderella and Snow White
And so many other stories that ended in falling in love and with a tall, dark, handsome, prince, from deep in your subconscious, you knew that life would never be the same.
You grew up, like many other girls with the Cinderella complex, meaning:you believed someday you would find and have a tall, dark, handsome, prince like the story and your life would be perfect just like your parents!WOW!! what a fairytale!
Girls... since you were young, you have looked at Brides Magazine, talked to your girlfriends and compared notes on what your wedding will be like some day and where. You skipped listening in school, ( you have skipped phone calls if important) you draw on notebooks, and write your boyfriends names on everything your can find!
The first man you look up to is your daddy, and you want some young man to be part perfect dad, part prince , part Johnny Depp!WOW what a guy!!! At your wedding, you want to start your dance with your dad, runaway with your prince, and live in a fantasy world with the likes of Johnny Depp!
At the end of the night, you realize, this dear sweet man, is just a normal man! probably incapable of your fantasies, but maybe willing to try
no matter what... communication is what tells these beautiful stories and will live to tell more
if you learn valuable skills with your new love. Future generations depend on having this same
sweet life.
So princesses , get started and make some great memories, the kind Cinderella can barely
Compete with!

Camille L. Matthews

No matter what... communication is what tell these beautiful stories, and will live to tell more

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