Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yiddish laughs for all

Happy first day of Hannukah friends, and readers, and happy holidays to all!
I decided to make today's article about some of my favorite Jewish or Yiddish words.
1) Bashert- Meaning naked without each other, or meant to be.
2) Mashuganah- Crazy person, its obviously fun to play with this word.
3) Nuchslep- Curiosity or pathetic loser.
4) Yutz/Putz- most people know the meaning of these two words, it's a bit crass, but its like buthead but worse.
5)Shiksa- a women no one likes, a real witch!
6) Goyisha- Nation
7) Goyim- house of nations.
8) Vey iz mir- woe is me
9) Oy vey- exclamation of dismay, or pain..Oh no"
10) Yenta- busybody
11) Schlep- to drag unwillingly
12) Shlemiel- a clumsy inept person, similar of a klutz.
13) Shlimazel- Someone with constant bad luck
14) Schmooze- chat or small talk
15) Shmaltzy-excessivley gushing, flattering, or charming .
16) Schlock- cheap, shoddy

As You can see this is a fine group of words, I truly hope you enjoy playing with them !


Camille Matthews


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