Monday, December 19, 2011

How can you be graceful after a bad breakup?

How can you trick your mind into being graceful,after a terribly hard to break up? It doesn't have to be as hard as you think! if you look in the mirror each morning, and tell yourself what a terrific person you are , then go about your day before you know it you'll have gone on with life and on to the next guy!
Let's face it, girl's do have a preconceived notion of what love should be, and when their disappointed, ( which can happen quite frequently to some,) they lose all faith in the Cinderella story, they take anti depressant for a weeks at a time, and they watch every love story known to man from Fred Astaire, and Ginger Rogers, to P.S. I love you.
Sometime watching movies, eating comfort food, and crying to beautiful music, convinces us that real love is still out there, and give us the courage we need, to get back on the horse and ride out into the sunset, and make fools of ourselves yet once again.
life never came with any guarantees, and until we realize that, well life will revolve in The same spiraling circle. it won't necessarily get any better, but if you don't mind living your life like it was out of the romance novel, then you have it made!
Again, I believe in making your mind
know what you want, going after it an d not wasting time on what has already happened! the quicker The better!!
Personally I could be happy knowing that whether I had gone through a break up or not
Page from my book, get dressed up,put the comfort food aside, go dancing and find your
own perfect Fred Astaire and Gerard Butler! Show the world what they're missing And remind yourself At the same time what you're missing

Camille Matthews

that you realize that there are many Fred Astaire's, and Gerard Butlers, out around the corner the
a Gadget
better! knowing that wether I have gone to a break up or not
Italy I could be happy

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