Monday, December 19, 2011

Through the eyes of a child

Stores filled with presents and ornaments a glow,
People Walking to and fro,
Cars driving fast to pick up their trees,
and carolers going to houses singing with glee.

Toys of all sorts, and windows all a glitter,
families laughing as they buy their Christmas together.
Jumping on trolleys and jumping over stones,
No one noticing a child alone.

A Child thats lonely and only wants love,
And would give anything for a family instead
of toys like above,
A child whose eyes are swimming with tears,
And arms aching to be held to calm all his fears.

A child who's Christmas, isn't toys, trees, and laughter,
But loneliness, tears, and things that don't matter.
A child who is protected by God and by angels above,
And who knows no other type of love.

Camille Matthews

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